SmaXel with Smart protocol

Fractional Laser

Fractional laser uses fine laser beam to minimize skin damage by heat lessening the recovery and rejuvenation period. Patients can therefore resume normal daily activities soon after treatment.

For this reason laser treatment is one of the most sought after solution in modern days.

Fractional laser uses Co2 tube to improve treatment effects. The Co2 tube has a long product life and is stable with an advantage of precision in treatment.

Treatment period can be lessened by adjustable scan- size and the beam density, which is beneficial both for the user and the patient.

With competitive advantages in quality and price the product is the best choice for purchaser.


Features of Fractional laser

  • Fractional Co2 laser is designed to evenly radiate laser beam of max 4489 dots to an area of 20mm × 20mm.
  • It is designed to radiate beam in micro unit size to enable deep penetration into the skin with maximum reduction in PIH.
  • By utilizing the ultra pulse mode, short pulse duration and high peak power, pain is reduced and effectiveness is enhanced during the treatment.
  • User-friendliness with the adjustable beam shapes into ‘square’ and ‘circular’.
  • Precision treatment by the adjustable size of treatment area and the eradiation in 3 patterns (array, grid, random).
  • Improved resurfacing function compared to the conventional scanner method. The state-of-art laser design with versatile application by integrating the fractional scanner and the Co2 laser functions in one.


SamXel Product Specifications
Laser source
Laser type Co2 laser
Wave length 10.600nm
Mode structure TEMoo
Laser power 1 – 40w
Density level 1-23(x,y line); 9 dots- 4489 dots
Operating mode 1.       FX mode2.       Ultra dream pulse3.       CW mode4.       Super dream pulse5.       Normal pulse6.       Low pain mode
Beam patterns Arrray, Grid, Random
Beam size 2 x 2mm – 20 × 20 mm
Beam shape
Beam spot size 100πm
Focal length Scanner handpiece
100mm, 50mm handpiece
Depth level 1 – 5 step
Repeat time Off, 0.5, 1.5, 2, 2.5 ms
Guide beam
Laser type Laser diode
Wavelength 655nm
Step adjustable 1 – 5 step
output power 5mw
General features
Electrical requirements 230v, single phase, 50/60hz
Cooling system Water cooling
Dimensions 430 × 480 × 1240
Weight 45 kg
Display Touch screen 10.2 inches color LCD